Happiness to Everyone Involved

As time progresses, the town continues to lose its vitality and economic strength due to aging and outflow of the population. However, there is something that remains undiminished the rich nature and its resources surrounding the town.
To share the sense of happiness among everyone involved in this town,
with the resources the town has gently fostered over the years,
we help to refocus and develop the “Sustainability” of the town once again.

Our humble first step towards achieving our goal began with this building,
Toyosaka Ku-Ra-Su. An abandoned 100 year old house was refurbished and became
the hub of a network that is helping connect economic activities,
information and interaction with the local town and people.


    Fresh Ingredients

    Our signature Curry is a good example of our concept. Keema style curry uses fresh Gobo roots from local OK Farm, furnished by a sizzling tomato based curry sauce made with our original vegetable broth.



    We use a variety of local vegetables depending on the season. Whatever the season, we prepare dishes focusing on those bringing the best out the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Utilize what this town can provide.
This is our way of serving the best dishes to our customers whilst revitalizing the local community.



352-1, Toyosakacho Kiyotake, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 739-2313, Japan